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Veteran Owned and Operated

RSC was founded by active service members in 2021 and we make it our objective to remind people to appreciate the small things in life that bring people together and making good moments great....with the help of great coffee. 

Why Did We Choose Coffee?

Well I'll spare you the dry details of military logistics which lets be honest, is more aligned with magic sometimes than anything else. So, as part of a reserve artillery unit as of 2016, when COVID struck years later a handful of soldiers were detached from my regiment to aid in the crisis affecting the Long Term Care Facilities around the GTA. 

During this time I was attached to running part of the logistics needed to make sure everyone going inside these facilities had proper meals delivered and PPE on site. Once things started to become routine, very quickly it was seen that there was no coffee available in our locations which for anyone in the military might as well have been a death sentence. The issue arose where we found a percolator but no one was able to figure it out, eventually I did and the operation of this device become part of my responsibility.

After the operation I become extremely interested in the world of coffee and all it had to offer, learning its more of a science then I ever would have thought, and after experimenting with a few recipes proven successful Red Seal Coffee was born. 

What Now?

Taking the skills I have learned in the military, business school, and my own acumen we will continue to develop RSC by adhering to a "quality first" mindset that will allow us to focus on providing the best product to our loyal customers and businesses. We will also use this as a platform to aid charities that deal with veteran issues and other issues we feel need addressing. We will always look to help those in need as much as we can be using transparent percentages of proceeds to fund charity organizations.

Coffee throughout history has been one of these things that has ingrained itself into almost every culture in the world as something that is to be cherished and shared with those around you. Myself and many others want to keep that concept alive for you to enjoy for years to come!